5 Steps Content Hacks Using ahrefs

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5 Steps Content Hacks Using ahrefs

Сообщение MattBurditt1 » Пт июл 12, 2019 7:57 pm

Are you struggling to find content ideas you can write about that will get
tons of organic traffic with (almost) ZERO difficulty?

Here's a quick hack that will solve that problem for you:

1. Go to Ahrefs Content Explorer ((https://ahrefs.com/content-explorer)

2. Type in a keyword relevant to your niche or industry (in the example below I used
"beard"), and hit search.

3. Under the "Organic Traffic" drop down, enter "1,000" into the From field, and hit apply.
Content Explorer will only show you articles that receive >1,000 organic traffic per

4. Next, under the "Referring Domains" drop-down menu, enter "0" into the To field, and
hit apply. What happens is...

Content Explorer will show ALL the articles that:

- receives more than 1,000 organic traffic/month
- have ZERO backlinks
That means these articles are receiving tons of search traffic... without even putting in
any effort in link building!


All you have to do is to scroll through the list of articles and start generating ideas.
In fact, using only a couple of minutes, I've already discovered a ton of content ideas I
can write about (if I was in the beardsmen niche, or am selling beard products):
- Difference between beard oil, wax and balm
- Why you should put coconut oil on your beard
- How to grow a beard if you can't
- Best beard styles for round faces

And so on...

Happy content creating!
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